The history

About Maroldt - the history of different generations

Chrétien Maroldt (1875-1937) :

the forerunner of an over hundred year old history

The more than hundred year old history of Maroldt dates back to 1902, when Chrétien Maroldt, passionate about business, established a material trading company.

Those were the times of the second Industrial Revolution that made a remarkable economic progress with the increasing use of steam powered railways, and offered to Chrétien Maroldt an opportunity to seize. Chrétien Maroldt established his company near the railways in the Avenue de la Gare in Bivange- Berchem.

Although horses were gradually replaced by steam power, the changeover took several decades. This is why, inspite of all the advantages of cheap transportation of materials and products that the railroads allowed, Chrétien Maroldt continued to use his faithful horse ”Butz” for transportation of materials, carrying loads building up to an impressive weight of one ton.

His three sons, Emile Senior, Pierre and Léon Maroldt have succeded him in the management of his firm. The first to join the family business was Emile Senior Maroldt, however he soon decided to continue the adventure alone by creating his own company, « Um Leschte Steiwer ». He was followed by his brother, Pierre Maroldt, who was unfortunately sent to the Hinzert concentration camp during World War II. Soon after, Léon Maroldt was the last one in the succession of the firm, after the death of his father, Chrétien Maroldt in 1937.

Emile Maroldt (1908-1983) :

the beginning of a big romance between the Maroldt family and the tiling industry

As mentioned earlier, soon after he joined the family business, Emile Maroldt created his own company, “Um Leschte Steiwer” in 1931.

In 1935 he decided to diversify his activities and established an innovative new business by buying the “Stammet”, a firm of tiling, thus adding a new direction to the company: selling and installation of ceramic tiles.

During World War II, the company’s premises were shattered by bombing. After this complete destruction, the company had its postwar reconstruction to worry about. In 1947, taking advantage of the postwar economic growth, the company engaged in recreation and expansion of its premises on a new address, 10 route de Thionville in Luxembourg. Strengthened by this successful rebirth after destruction, striving and dedicated to create new and exciting opportunities, Emile Maroldt partnered with the “Glasener Fréres” (Glasener Brothers) sawmill.

The company achieved great success particularly on the building site of the Oberkorn public outdoor swimming pool.

Emile Maroldt Junior and his team

By this time the company’s own modern truck fleet was in full operation, riding along the roads of Luxembourg, while proudly wearing the firm’s emblem.

Having an excellent reputation and occupying an important place on the Luxembourgish market, Emile Maroldt has always encouraged the professional development of his employees.

His son, Emile Maroldt Junior, graduated in economic science and management from the University of Grenoble, joins the company in 1958.

Upon entering the firm, he was primarily engaged in selling and installing ceramic tiles and became the managing director of the showroom on the Avenue de la Liberté, in Luxembourg-Railway area.

To celebrate his arrival, the company name has been renamed as « Ets Emile Maroldt & Fils » on the 21st July 1958.

Emile Maroldt Junior (1934-2005) :

under the influence of paternal inspiration

The inherited entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a passion for innovation, lead him to establish the “CEBRICOL”, one of the first hardware stores in Luxembourg

Due to a new bypass project of the city of Luxembourg, and the desire to expand and innovate, the company’s premises were relocated to Kalchesbruck.

The new premises of the enlarged company spread across a 1.5 hectare site, showing a striking picture of change, accompanied with improvement - the expanded showroom and improved warehouse allowed to offer a larger range of products.

The emblematic green trucks continue to ride the roads of Luxembourg

The flourishing company also earned success on the building site of other public swimming pools

Following the example of his father, Emile Maroldt Junior succeeded in maintaining the company’s leading position on the market. Emile Maroldt Junior, an infusion of “new blood” into the system of the company, brought strong expansion and diversification of its activities.

Team of Kalchesbruck in 1977

He perpetuated the influence and responsibilities inherited by his father, more than that, he carried out other important roles, which made him a major actor on the market. He has brought dedication and professionalism to many positions that he has held over for years:

  • President of the Federation of Tile Employers
  • A board member of the Chamber of Commerce
  • Vice President of the Confederation of Commerce
  • President of UFEMAT Europe
  • President of the Federation of building materials traders
  • President of the Pension Fund of Independent Professions
  • President of the national Round Table and Rotary Club

Christian Maroldt (né en 1961) :

continuity in innovative ways

Graduated from the University of Montpellier, holding a Master in Economic Science, Christian Maroldt joins the company in 1986.

A committed and deeply human individual, with professional qualities and an innovative spirit, not only maintained the company’s reputation but also made a remarkable contribution to the advancement of the company Maroldt.

As a start, he has created a unique space by expanding the existing showroom by no less than 500 m2. Christian Maroldt transformed the inherited family business - the company begins to vary to a more modern appearance. True to his heritage, he continues to use his innovative spirit - the same approach that was essential to the company’s early successes and essential to the company’s culture. He also partnered with Fred Becker to create a chimney company “De Kameinbauer”.

The new, fashionable showroom with its impressive size, unique designs and mosaic tiled fountain was innovative in every way, a showroom unparalleled in Luxembourg. The photo on the right shows the date of its inauguration, engraved with mosaics.

In 1994, Christian Maroldt succeeded his father as president of the company.

Encouraged by the success generated by the dynamic innovation, and due the success of the new extended 1200m2 showroom, Christian Maroldt decided to diversify his company by launching new services of two new departments: sanitary facilities and balneotherapy, also a range of sauna, steam cabins and whirlpools. He has further introduced a new concept, called “Your bathroom from A to Z”, which soon became a reference on the Luxembourgish market.

The company has proven to be very successful, therefore it was necessary to increase its warehouse storage capacity for handling and storing new materials. For this reason, Christian Maroldt has decided to build a contemporary, large capacity warehouse in 1999.

Continuing in the expansion, the company triples the number of his employees in the last 25 years, and in the year 2000 it endows itself with a substantial fleet of trucks and machinery of the emblematic green colour.

The aim of every company is to get public favour with its unique visual identity. Christian Maroldt dreams to create a high standard, so as to get known his company’s identity. In 2001 he decided to construct a new facade of the company building, inspired by the artist Hundertwasser and in collaboration with the Ebinger company.

The showroom displays Peter Schmidt’s works of art and is decorated by the dutch decorator and interior designer Martijn Keijzers, thus creating an exclusive, fashionably and distinctive design that has become deeply engraved in the company’s identity. Our showroom is a truly unique house of design.

Christian Maroldt continues to assume responsibilities of his predecessors as President of the Federation of Building Material Trading, also as a President of the Federation of Tiler Employers.